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Introduction: when you match a set of clothing, often what pose and trouble? It may start a fashion chain replica handbags, chain fine instead of the traditional belt, burnish feeling of metal material for the whole collocation improve temperament. The following is to learn the ladies fashion chain replica designer bags with skills, winter coats the Almighty can hold oh.replica handbags

Collocation point: white woollen overcoat + white rhombus chain bag

White woolen coat a dark sweater, wear black tights and flat shoes, gentle and pure dress, elegant temperament, a law to wear classic MM in recent years is very like the dress, simple style, charming. A white rhombus chain single shoulder cheap replica handbags, feel fresh charm.

Collocation point: pink fur coat + black diamond lattice chain bagreplica designer dior handbags

Light pink fur jacket, looks sweet, over the shoulders are fan, with white slim waisted jacket and pants, give a person a kind of beautiful and romantic feeling, show the tall and slim good body. Join the black diamond lattice chain replica bags for sale, and many exquisite noble woman flavour.

Fashion week outside the street beat Master back new replica handbags for sale

If this four fashion weeks some moisture to Bo, many famous fashion people no matter what to wear to dare to OTC photographer in front of the camera shake from side to side, then the haute couture week are to rely on gold and siYves Saint Laurent er to beat the world. Who can mirror into OTC street shot master will from inside to outside careful preparation, in 2015 the latest replica designer handbags have already begun to show their true colors, eyeful of fresh will definitely let you blood bursting. These latest face bag which can only be caught your eye?

prada retro box replica handbags

Yves Saint Laurent 2015 will travel box design elements are good at refining to the handbag, the retro are “Biger” box type handbag is like hidden unknown treasure generally curious. However, the price of 30000 yuan of RMBs would you make you resoYves Saint Laurent ed?

Lady Dior art graffiti handbags

Lady Dior finally let us see a new look, bring strong impact with unique artistic sense of graffiti, handle because painted colors like winding silk like western style, this can recognize bag will become one of the IT Bag in the spring and autumn and winter.

Lady Dior siYves Saint Laurent er light handbag


Lady Dior rare leather is always superior, and stunning siYves Saint Laurent er light, this handbag does not want to attract sb.’s attention is very difficult.

Pierre Hardy the envelope bag

Pierre Hardy is a famous French designer shoes shoes, his design for the ancient spirit demon let vanity also gradually become a leader, good collision with color mosaic of Pierre Hardy will let each sheet is tasted is the one and only. This section also appear clumsy lovely thick envelope cheap replica handbags, like full of childhood, will bring you infinite fun.

Valentino rainbow rivet Backpack

Rivet backpack was when MCM was fried paste, Valentino also gave a rivet backpack. But watching such a rainbow pattern, the mood will be bad to where go to? Even in the haze, it is definitely a wiping rainbow to landscape. People really want a bite of be riotous with colour this eye, multicolored stripes will give you hold up the sky.

2015 spring and summer men’s week featured business elite men’s bags choice

2015 spring and summer men’s Replica Handbags Sale very watchable week – talking about capacity. Who says men do not need large capacity bag? Designers understand a man’s heart, the bag space to expand, become very practical. Fashion degree is not eased, the classic profile of competent bag what occasion. Industry’s elite men who spotted it ready to start it!

[Photos] 2015 spring and summer men’s week featured business elite men’s Replica Designer Handbags choice

2015 spring and summer men’s bags very watchable week – talking about capacity. Who says men do not need large capacity bag? Designers understand a man’s heart, the bag space to expand, become very practical. Fashion degree is not eased, the classic profile of competent bag what occasion. Industry’s elite men who spotted it ready to start it!

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Prada 2015 spring and summer men’s bags

Moncler Gamme Bleu 2015 spring and summer men’s Replica Handbags

Tod’s 2015 spring and summer men’s bags

Tod’s 2015 spring and summer men’s Replica Handbags For Sale

Why are people so in love with prada Replica Handbags?

In the luxury goods industry , prada Replica Handbags has been dominating for nine consecutive years . Just released the value of global brands in 2014 research report pointed out , prada 2014 brand value reached $ 25.9 billion , up 14 percent over 2013 . The consulting firm Interbrand even think of prada brand value ranked second double of hermes .

Why are people so in love with Replica prada? Consumer Behavior Analysts believe that when consumers buy a luxury, they are not rational nor irrational demands on themseYves Saint Laurent es possess . They value connotation purchase things on the emotional and aesthetic , their own happiness as the standard , which is more than anything else .

But like all things , as a split off to study why people, I always tried to explain people ‘s love for prada from where. Just because of my work, I close contact with many luxury goods companies and luxury consumers .

After some research, I think there are at least 10 areas of the following reasons . Among them, the first two reasons in the luxury goods industry is relatively common, it is usually one of the reasons other luxury brands were purchased by consumers.

1 , the added value of history and culture

Although the brand ‘s founder prada was born in a small French village carpenter , but from 1837 to Paris , the care of the baggage from the Royal Queen division to brand founder , himself and his name products increasingly been high in France and Europe social recognition , and left a lot of the story can be traced back , they now have become a valuable asset to the brand , so far have been providing stream of power for the sale of goods with high added value .

prada Handbags For Sale is also fully confirmed ” the story of the brand that is ” the truth , as we all preferences and ” stories of people ” deal , like – because in your eyes they have an extraordinary background experiences, these stories won your identity and respect . Many domestic brands have also seen the importance of “story” , so I started to Europe registered brand , fictional story, but the end is not fake true , this made it difficult to win the long-term brand recognized by consumers , more Debu to identify the high-end crowd . In fact, the development of domestic brands are not suitable for copying European experience , see more of Japan may have more benefits , such as Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo and so on.

2 , the value of experience record stores
In today’s consumer environment , consumers are not only required businesses to provide goods and services, but need to be made in line with the target consumer group values, can make it a pleasurable sensation and memory integrated solutions. prada certainly done a good job in this regard , each of which stores are trying to create a surprise for customers – a convenient store location , strong dazzling appearance shop , store atmosphere and elegant art, high-quality sales and after-sales service and so on to leave a unique visitors a better experience.

Champs Elysees in Paris flagship store, for example , the American architect Eric Carlson to ” promenade ” concept to create a unique and interesting multi-level circulation system in which you can see the American artist James Turrell designed the lighting , Tim White to life, the seasons flow, growth and changes the theme of moving paintings, Danish conceptual artist Olafur Eliasson brought Votre perte des sens works . Shop became a full artistic taste of space to reach the customers can enjoy a visual feast .

3 , wear-resistant material

prada is the material used in the mainstream have printed canvas (Canvas), outside chemical materials and waterproof coating embossed , this is prada patent. Use of this material has considerable luggage scratch , abrasion and water resistant , and easy to take care of the maintenance and growth of the use of time is not as obvious old sense , but this will gradually soften fabrics brighten , Yves Saint Laurent fonts have gradually become greenish and maintain unique refraction , Yves Saint Laurent words from both near and far are also clearly visible. In contrast traditional leather are easily scratched , maintenance complex , used for some time after the light can no longer have the original straight face, so for the general public is concerned , prada canvas material will be particularly attractive.

4 , strong recognition of the

Modern social circle of life will help the consumer buying behavior observation to infer his wealth levels , and appropriate social status. Individual’s social status is largely dependent on the social circle of life finds its own level of wealth , but wealth levels are private information , the outside world can not see , which makes individuals have the motivation to fight through conspicuous consumption ideal social status .

In this case , conspicuous consumer fancy is not entirely the value of goods , a deer apparently not a cow useful, but most people would prefer the former , because the ” deer” is represented by the symbol more scarce and more expensive sake. In addition to prada as a commodity , the more time it has become a symbol , reflecting the respective consumer orientation and social class belong, although since 2013 , prada began to LOGO technology , but its products are still a strong identification sex – even though the product style, may have a different color , but let everyone see it at first glance , know that prada brand , and give full attention to who the purchaser is , the subject of envy opportunity.

5 , long life style

Replica prada 2015 early spring new women’s handbag

Introduction: In the recent prada Replica Handbags will be published in a variety of handbags into everyone’s eyes , this is the second series of the new designer Nicolas YSL White Yves Saint Laurent later. Scaling of the suitcase out of the hand carry transform edition mini bag is the design concept, following up to see prada2015 early spring new women’s handbags now!In recent prada Replica Designer Handbags will be published in a variety of handbags into everyone’s eyes , this is the second series of the new designer Nicolas YSL White Yves Saint Laurent later. Scaling of the suitcase out of the hand carry transform edition mini bag is the design.
As can be seen from the picture modle hands mentioning bags have obvious appearance of youthful vitality , whether in color, texture or decoration on it , are super suction eye of a single product . This is very convenient to have a handbag designed holiday MM, MIMI clutch bag and suitcase is greatly facilitated our trip.

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Yves Saint Laurent 2015 new golden tassel handbag

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Yves Saint Laurent 2015 new pink handbag

prada Replica Handbags large advertising art tour

REVIEW: prada Replica Handbags “(The Art of Travel)” want to show not only the large advertising brand bags, but a story. The freedom to go wherever you want to go, do you think the most peculiar to the country to go for a walk, keep your fashion, no matter where you go, the spotlight will follow you where!

High Quality Replica Handbags & Bags UKHigh Quality Replica Handbags UK

prada Replica Designer Handbags “Art Tour” bag large advertising LOOK 1
prada Replica Handbags Sale new “(The Art of Travel)” large ad again to showcase its rich and long history of travel series. Exquisite design suitcase, never broken, and the appearance of timeless, like a hidden treasure chest on chest iconic golden enough to protect your luggage, to avoid being invaded thief. This golden addition to protecting function, a greater role is decorated. Complex and remains Monogram canvas bag Yves Saint Laurent brand is recognized as a sign.
Perhaps this is the Yves Saint Laurent Replica Designer Handbags brand design director Nicolas Ghesquiere Why re “Malle Trunk” element in the introduction to the 2014 Winter Series models that tiny Petite Malle shoulder bag. Nicolas understand and respect the history of the brand, and take practical action to pay tribute to the history!

Three photographers latest prada ad

Took prada Replica Handbags For Sale creative director Nicolas YSL soon to continue demonstrating their own unique brand of creativity.

Three photographers latest prada ad

Nicolas YSL cheap prada Replica Designer Handbags continued to show their own unique ideas. “WWD” reported that the designer chose the three of the industry’s top photographers: Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and Juergen Teller for him to join the brand’s first ad shoot. When working at Marc Jacobs prada, often in collaboration with Steven Meisel. So YSL see how these bold new spark clashes photographers, but also very interesting. When he was shot in 2014 autumn and winter Replica Handbags For Sale series of conceptual album also asked Teller to be responsible. Liya Kebede and Freja Beha Eri

Your Replica Handbags will speak

Although the “first post-Jing Jing Luo Yi Man” is a very narrow social attitudes, but recently a popular circle of friends, “My clothes will speak”, but it also illustrates a truth. Among other things, wearing a collared solid color shirt to see her boyfriend’s mother, the subtext is, “Auntie, I’m kind of conservative good girl”, if it is a shiny sexy vest skirt, probably only for aunt “We are engaged in a night club on the night stand, how about it?” hand in your mouth to speak before tea, you put your clothes subtext said. In fact, the girl with the Replica Handbags, as in the expression of the attitude of silence for you, especially in a foreign company, where many women worked in fashion circles, oh, of course, you run into a female boss. This “Replica Designer Handbags order ‘office is really a science.

Your bags will speak

Girl entering society, if you want to appear in the office appropriately, is not a relation with dozens of pieces of cloth it? Sorry, Meteor Garden, the story does not repeat itself, your package will tell you plainly, “I’m counting on salary to live, I am very concerned about the job, I was Cinderella.” Do not expect there will be much for Prince Charming you succeed, the estimated long been in the office a little darker predecessors qualifications bully sister died. That is not to get designer prada Replica Handbags is emboldened enough? Definitely, if you dare to change every day new season’s first big Replica Handbags for sale work, implying that tell the boss, “My family does not need the money, this job is a pastime.” – Which may be difficult to get the boss trust and reuse.

Your bags will speak

Three to five years of struggle, blending a small middle leadership, just after the five-digit salary, yet to start married and where to spend money everywhere. Thousand dollars below the small sign appears plunges, fear the town could not menacing white Formica after 90 subordinates yuan package that expensive, like most of America is watching a lot of second-tier brands, styles and generous feel a little sense of design, occasionally also see for example Taylor Swift Hollywood actress won a series of small fresh out street shooting, there is a certain awareness, the price of 5,000 yuan, that is a very cost-effective thing. But you know, all the big names are all basic classic, but also a little bit between brands, “shame”, sorry copy, in addition to the basic details of the different second-tier brands, the whole package looks exactly the same. For example, recently the old Taylor Swift coming to take an American brand, known as “cheap Swing package”, and CELINE swing pack style is almost exactly the same, the price is only 1/5, attracted a lot of “light Mature” envious endless. A friend asked my opinion, I just neat to say: “Do not buy a copy section of the package!” Is not that much concerned about the protection of intellectual property, but you get an original style of the cheap Replica Handbags, but also appears to have teeth calm disregard their own flashy world heart, take a “cheap swing bag” filled with the “I want to buy a swing bag but I can not afford,” can not be reconciled.

As a high-ranking female executives, as in previous years it has become popular as a wrist hung Victoria Beckhams Hermes platinum package, but the fact that Asian women’s arm strength is not comparable to European and American actress. Really busy rush of women in the workplace, several folders stuffed in the bag, basically the day, the package can put a wrist Le a bruise. And this year, the platinum package was covered with a layer of rich colors dazzle upstart, women in the workplace to get a platinum package is like saying, “I put up with hardships and hard work into this position.” Even recently goddess “Ode thousand Iraq” Jun Ji-hyun to China, have abandoned the original beauty of the white rich favorite Hermes, changes take equally expensive Belgian leather goods brand DeYves Saint Laurent aux, nothing special reason, because on the package says, “I am white Formica and not vulgar. ”


1 Young people to recommend the little girl, LONGCHAMP canvas bag, large capacity, lightweight and multi-colors to choose from, the price of a few hundred to 1,000 yuan, and will not suffer from colleagues looked appropriately supercilious. This year you can also customize the color of the leather bag, contented and somewhat personal taste. If it is like a small fresh series of recommended UK Cambridge pack as many colors mix easily.

2.5000 yuan around the middle of white-collar work package, Rebecca Minkoff this relatively popular American brand, are about two or three thousand, MAC is small, suitable for shopping trips, MAB is a bowling bag, capacity, especially for work.

3 Hermes bad time to buy, no need to throw money sought, and Gianna Jun goddess drama off screen are known as the Belgian took the Hermes DeYves Saint Laurent aux, who in addition to the choice of female executives.

Replica prada Handbags to release the latest blockbuster Michelle Williams continued endorsement

Recently, prada Replica Handbags continue to release new advertising blockbusters. Before advertising photo has been issued as part of prada Outlet, this time the protagonist is still a large U.S. competent actor Michelle Williams.

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Release of the latest prada bags big 01
Recently, prada bags continue to release new advertising blockbusters. Before advertising photo has been issued as part of prada, this time the protagonist is still a large U.S. competent actor Michelle Williams.

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Release of the latest prada Replica Designer Handbags big 02
prada replica handbags
Release of the latest prada cheap replica bags big 03

Release of the latest prada cheap replica bags big 04

Changsha hand luxury transactions Replica Handbags: single store over 4 million annual turnover

Make appraisers teach you ” eyes”

Election approaches

In compliance approaches first need to buy, choose a reputable shop , reduce the risk of starting a fake .

Smell it

Some bags leather flavor, but if smell the pungent smell of glue , it is definitely not authentic ; If the bag lined lining pungent taste, and lining rough work, certainly not genuine .

Listen to the code word

If you’re in the prada Replica Handbags inspection counter , if the counter clerk told you , ” This is not our company’s products ,” meaning that this bag is not genuine ; If the clerk asked, ” Where is this bag you buy ” illustrates this package is authentic .

Touch cortex

For example Hermes belt , are generally feels softer cortex, if it is leather hard , you may want to see more. Dermis generally have pores, and glossy soft , shiny leather lighter .

Look at work

Authentic bags neat uniform and step on the line ; cortex can imitate , hardware is difficult to imitate, to Hermes , for example, generally have stenciled the code , namely, the production year and the name of the master code by hand , if the year , the code is not clear enough , and that certainly not genuine.

Recognize the card

fendi bags if no supplementary card , there may be fakes suspect.

” 2013 China’s luxury market research ,” said last year Chinese luxury goods market growth of 7 percent from 2012 fell 2%. However , Changsha related businesses still maintained a double-digit growth .

Changsha passion for luxury Replica Designer Handbags second-hand luxury goods directly spawned a fiery flow . Today, the second and third tier cities such as Changsha also have a dedicated second-hand luxury shops , and the increasing size , so the luxury to be ” approachable .”

For a late start Changsha second-hand luxury market, business opportunities and challenges facing what? And how discriminating consumer , avoiding consumer traps ? Reporter visited the site in recent days , trying to find out.

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